Untitled Astronaut Project

Music written for space travel with the following collaborators:
Vocals: Chris Bakos, Anthony Barilla, John Dunn, Christa Forster, Seán Patrick Judge, Cathy Power, and Erin Rodgers
With additional vocals by: George Barilla, Ruud Borgers, Doug Kosmo, Isabella Pizzitola, Suzanne Van Amelsvoort, and Matt Kelly with the students and faculty of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Upper School
Violins: Kristi Lindgren and Zoe Barilla-Deuschle
Guitars: J.W. Americana, Scott Ayers, Chris Bestwick, Brian Farrell, Emir Hasani, Filip Hosenfefer, and Charlie Roadman
Bass: Chris Bakos, Milos Drazevic, and Nemanja Misic
Drums and Percussion: Chris Bakos, Spencer Gershon, Shane Lauder, Mladen Marinkovic, Filip Milovanovic, Cathy Power, Kirk Suddreath, and Lella Wolk
And with: Patricia Barilla (piano), MODUTX (synthesizer), Jason Nevius (trumpet), Rebecca Novak (coronet), and Merel Van Dijk (charango)